Goodness On-The-Go Skincare Kit (Assorted)

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Goodness On-The-Go Skincare Kit (Assorted)


This pack will smoosh, drip, squeeze and spritz all your natural skincare needs for more than 2 weeks. Packed with mega-omega boosting certified organic chia seed oil, your skin, your mates or your carry-on will love you for it.

Pack Contains:

  • Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil 5ml
  • Be Cool Mist Toner 20ml
  • Every Day Cream Cleanser 20ml
  • Every Morning Moisturiser 20ml
  • Every Evening Cream 10ml.

A range of 96-100% nautral formulations in airline friendly sizes. Suitable for all skincare types. 


Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil
Pat 2-3 drops onto clean skin 1-2 times a day. It's that simple.

Be Cool Mist Toner
Spritz-and-go! After cleansing. Over make-up. When hot. When dry. At work. Post workout. Just cause. As needed.

Every Day Cream Cleanser
Wet face. Apply. Rub. Rinse. Pat dry. For those mornings after that night before, use me twice (panda eyes are tricky).

Every Morning Moisturiser
Chuck me on (don't skimp) 15-20 minutes before sun exposure. I work a treat under make-up and look great accesoried with a trucker cap and sunnies. Be sure to reapply as needed. Oh, and so you know, I'm not water resistant.

Every Evening Cream
Remove make-up. Apply. Sleep. Wake. Repeat after 15-18 hours.

Care Instructions

Remember to patch test each product before first use. A negative reaction is unlikely but if you do experience one, stop use and see a medical professional. Store below 30ºC and always keep the lid on.

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