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Tebonin EGb 761 30 tabs

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Tebonin EGb 761 30 tabs

Tebonin® EGb 761®

A medical-grade phytomedicine that supports a healthy microcirculation.

NZ’s leading circulation product 2012 (AZTEC MAT)

The Ageing Process

With age our circulatory system can lose efficiency.

The smaller blood vessels of the microcirculation are the first to experience this decline. Red blood cells lose suppleness, capillary walls become less flexible and blood flow is impeded.

The microcirculation carries blood to the extremities including the complex organs such as the brain, eyes, ears, and even hands and feet. Adequate blood flow through the very fine capillaries of the microcirculation is essential for maintaining good health.

Without a healthy blood supply, cognitive function can deteriorate, normal thought processes can struggle, eyes and ears may lose function, hands and feet can become cold even on warm days.

Why Take Tebonin®?

Internationally published scientific and clinical research shows that Tebonin® provides natural support for normal and healthy:


  • Brain and cognitive function
  • Mental performance and focus
  • Concentration and alertness
  • Inner ear calm and quiet
  • Normal balance


Key Points


  • Tebonin® is used internationally - Over 650 published clinical & scientific studies
  • Well established safety profile
  • Recommended by neurologists and doctors worldwide
  • Promotes overall good health
  • Medical grade active ingredients, extracted in Germany under pharmaceutical GMP
  • It meets the extraction specifications prescribed by the German Commission E, the World Health Organisation (WHO) monograph and the US Herbal Pharmacopoeia.


How Does It Work?


  • Tebonin® helps maintain healthy blood circulation to all areas of the body. This notably includes the microcirculation to intricate organs; such as the brain, inner ear, eyes, legs, feet, hands, and even the skin.
  • Rich in anti-oxidants, Tebonin® supports healthy capillaries and assists with cell neuro-protection.
  • Supports healthy red blood cells and normal-functioning vein walls, helping to ensure adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients at a cellular level.
  • Tebonin® is referred to as 'food for the brain' in many countries


What Benefits Should I Expect?

We regularly receive comments such as:


  • Now that my inner ears are silent I can sleep through the night
  • My  balance is back to normal
  • I seem to be able to concentrate longer
  • I am able to safely drive my car again
  • The result is definitely positive and I can say Tebonin® is an absolute godsend
  • I no longer go from room to room wondering what I am doing there
  • Thank you, I have had remarkable results
  • I feel younger, more active and mentally alert.
  • I no longer feel the grand kids visit - I can now keep up with them



Response Time

The length of time required varies individually and depends on a number of factors. Generally the benefits of Tebonin® will be seen within 4-8 weeks.

In certain situations it may take longer for the benefits to be evident. The severity and length of time the individual has experienced the health issue for, can impact the response time. As not all health issues are improved by taking Tebonin®, it is generally advised that the efficacy of Tebonin® is reassessed after 8-12 weeks.


Prior to taking Tebonin®, clarification should be obtained to rule out an underlying disease, which may require specific treatment. Frequently, hearing and balance issues will need to be assessed by your healthcare professional. In the case of a sudden hearing deficit or hearing loss, you should immediately consult a doctor.

There have been very rare reports of bleeding following intake of Ginkgo Biloba. However, a correlation between Tebonin® and bleeding has not been proven. In very rare cases a user may experience slight gastrointestinal upset or hypersensitivity (rash or irritation). Do not consume Tebonin® if you have allergies pertaining to Ginkgo Biloba. If you are taking an anticoagulant medication or considering surgery please consult your healthcare professional first. Tebonin® should not be taken during pregnancy or while breast feeding.

Tebonin® is supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet. Use only as directed and if symptoms persist, see your health professional.



  • Each tablet contains: 120mg of proprietary Ginkgo Biloba extract EGb 761® (50:1); equivalent to 6g dry leaf and standardised to 3.5mg bilobalide and 3.7mg ginkgolides
  • Take 1 Tebonin® 120mg tablet daily with or without food. For more intensive use take 2 tablets daily.
  • Not suitable for those under 18 years of age
  •  Should be taken for a minimum of two months before its benefit is assessed. Initial benefits may be noticed after two weeks and may improve further over prolonged use
  • Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional
  • Free of gluten, yeast and artificial flavours
  • Contains non-active ingredient lactose
  • Store in a dry place below 30˚C



Tebonin® was created by Dr Willmar Schwabe, the maker of many high profile pharmaceutical grade phytomedicines in Germany, in response to the issues experienced by many coping with ageing and the decline of microcirculation.

Modern pharmaceutical technology is applied to extract the active compounds from specially grown Ginkgo trees.  One tonne of leaves, once processed, yields 20kgs of active Ginko Biloba, which is then manufactured into tablets. This combination of traditional knowledge and modern pharmaceutical technology has resulted in Tebonin®

Is Tebonin® EGb 761® Different To Other Ginkgo Products?

Yes it is! Tebonin® is standardised to a specific and constant range of active ingredients (28.8mg ginkgo flavone glycosides, 3.7mg ginkolides and 3.5 mg bilobalide) as well as containing the full spectrum of co-actives.

This ensures that each time you take a tablet you receive the same effective amount of the original researched extract, EGb 761®.

Approved by the WHO, international published scientific studies have shown that EGb 761® is of the highest quality available in the world. Other products using Ginkgo Biloba are quite often either not standardised or inadequately standardised resulting in unknown or uncertain activity and safety profiles.

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